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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bringing you up to date!

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I posted any information from Hayden Ranch. We've calved out, grown some nice big calves and just recently weaned them all! We'll go to market in a month and hope for some good prices. Right now we're just relieved to have the gathering over, not an easy job in this rough country.It's a big accomplishment to get every last one in!

We've been to the Californio's and had a great time with all our friends from all over the country! What a great week-end with such outstanding horses and horsemen plus the added bonus of seeing, (and buying!) such terrific gear made by such incredible artisians. I'm thrilled to tell you that I sold all my blankets and meet more nice horsemen and woman from across the country who ordered new blankets. Of course, the biggest compliment comes from previous buyers who order another blanket. Proves that they work and you can't have too many! I am sorry to report that my progress in finishing orders and weaving new blankets is going pretty slow right now due to a hand injury I received in April. I'm undergoing physical therapy and hope to be able to use my hand again in a few months. Oh, the frustration of not having a right hand in working order!!!! I thank you all for your patience and promise to get to your orders as fast as I can. I'll report back soon and let you know how I'm progressing.

Enjoy the beauty of this incredible spring.