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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Navajo-Churro Sheep in Ohio

I recently had the good fortune to find Flint Run Farm owned by Tim and Barbara Birkeland in Waterford, Ohio. They raise beautiful Churro sheep which is the same breed the Navajo Indians have always raised for the excellent wool they use in their saddle blankets and rugs. The first blanket I wove with this wool went to Kip Fladland in Griswold, Iowa and I'm pretty excited about the results, as is Kip! I'm in the process of ordering more fleeces and look forward to having some blankets ready for the Californio's show in Red Bluff in April, 2009. Keep an eye on this site for more Churro spun wool and blankets. It's also the time of year I do a lot of dyeing with pecans shells, walnuts, lichens, and acorns. I'll be posting some of the results to give you an idea of what colors come from these natural dyes.